High-Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

Proper Job Maintenance & Renovations is a High-pressure cleaning company on the Gold Coast that offers a wide range of services to the residential and commercial sectors. We take residential and commercial cleaning seriously and aim to satisfy beyond client expectations. To aid with that, we provide a wide range of High-pressure cleaning for all types of surfaces.

Proper Job Maintenance & Renovations have been in business over 20 years. We have been busy delivering a suite of services across residential, commercial, and industrial environments. If you want to experience our high pressure cleaning services, you can call us and know more. We are happy to provide you our qualifications and give you the best price that best fits your budget. You may also request for quotes or give us one call, make sure to provide your name so we can process your request. We can’t wait to hear from you!

High Pressure

Why Choose Proper Job Maintenance & Renovations

Roof Pressure Cleaning

When pressure cleaning your roof we also clean your gutters for free, clean up any mess made from the cleaning process and let you know if any attention is needed to your tiled roof such as ridge cap repair, gutter and valley replacement.

Building Wash Downs

Whether commercial or residential, we can help with a full clean of the exterior of your building, removing dust, cobwebs and black mould.

Driveway Pressure Cleaning

our equipment can easily take care of expose aggregate, stamped concrete, stencilcrete, plain concrete and brick paving. We can remove slippery, unsightly oil stains and years of dirt and grime build up. We can also apply a sealer for long lasting results, protection and an ultra-fresh look.

Fascias and Eaves Pressure Cleaning

are a great place for cobwebs and dirt to build up and can be easily cleaned away at little cost at the same time as other pressure cleaning areas.

Poolside and Patio Pressure Cleaning

you are less likely to enjoy your outdoor living area when it is dirty and a little shabby looking. Regular pressure cleaning will reduce slip hazards and keep your entertainment area hygienic, clean and in pristine condition so that you can relax and enjoy it.

Tennis Court Pressure Cleaning

A tennis court is a significant investment, and to make the most of your tennis court it is imperative that it is properly maintained with regular cleaning. This improves surface life and performance and reduces risk of injury.

Color Bond Fence Pressure Cleaning

pressure cleaning is a fast and powerful way to remove built up dirt, cobwebs and mould without back breaking scrubbing, or wasting immeasurable litres of precious water.

Lime Stone Pressure Cleaning

Whether it’s lime stone walls, liquid limestone or reconstituted limestone we can bring it back to life removing mould, moss and dirt.

Bore Stain Removal

The buildup of iron stains from your bore over the years can have a detrimental look on your home or business.

Calcium Removal

efflorescence and calcium depositsis caused by water evaporating pulling minerals to the surface which can indicate a larger problem than just the build up.

Soft Wash

Soft wash is a great new service for looking after the delicate services around your home or factory as opposed to pressure cleaning with high pressure.We can easily tackle bacteria, black mold, algae and fungi making an unsightly mess on the exterior of your premises, sanitizing the surface as an added bonus.

Garage Floor Pressure Cleaning

keep your garage floor in a sparkling clean state by eliminating oil stains, rubber marks and grime.

Concrete Pressure Cleaning

Dirty concrete can quickly age a property and lend it a slightly ‘grubby’ feel. You can improve the appearance and general cleanliness of your concrete areas and pathways with a thorough pressure clean. You will not believe the difference a simple clean can make to the overall look and feel of your property.

Chewing Gum Removal

we can easily remove unsightly chewing gum from schools, shopping centers, footpaths and brickwork, making your floors and walls look great again with hot water pressure cleaning.