Exterior painting Gold Coast: If you are wondering about painting your building or your house then you should know that interior paint is different from painting on the exterior. Exterior paints are robust and resistant to weather changes. They endure, wind, sunlight and rain. Interior paints cannot resist those, and if you paint an interior paint on an exterior wall, it will wear out sooner than you think. Interior painting is different from exterior painting. Interior painting is the painting which you cover inside of the building and exterior painting in which you cover on the outside. There are some paints available in the market which are both interior and exterior. Your painter will tell you which paint to apply where.

Exterior Painting
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Here is the process we will follow when painting your home:

  1. Inspection of all surfaces to be painted
  2. Expert color selection
  3. Treat all mildewed areas with a bleach solution
  4. Pressure wash
  5. Proper preparation of surfaces including scraping, sanding, caulking, patching to match existing surface texture and priming
  6. Masking windows, doors and fixtures. We tarp of all other surfaces as needed
  7. Concise, even application of paint to proper mil thickness
  8. Trim painted with clean straight lines
  9. Cleanup and homeowner inspection